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Frequently Asked Questions

Direct from the source

New Yorkers speak with pride about their water for a good reason.  They know that nestled in the Catskill Mountains springs one of the most renowned sources of water on earth.  This incredible aquifer with its perfect blend of minerals and naturally elevated PH is without parallel anywhere in the world.  It gives New York some of the best pizza, finest bagels and most delicious baked goods known to humanity.  Now this wonderful water is available to you direct from the source, unadulterated and 100% pure, just as nature intended.  Best of all, it’s totally local, produced right here in Upstate NY and made in America so it does not have to travel half way around the globe just to get here!  We hope you’ll enjoy it’s naturally smooth, crisp clean taste and take as much pride in this wonderful water and great American resource as we do.

Why is New York water called the champagne of drinking water?

New York Water comes from three sources North of the city in the mountains: the Delaware, Catskill and Croton Watersheds.  These watersheds have limited limestone and a natural pH balance of 7.2 – as close as it gets to a “pure water” pH.

What is the pH of NYSW?

A perfect 7

Does NYSW plastic bottles contain BPA?

No, NYSW  plastic bottles are BPA free and meet all regulatory requirements.

Is NYSW effected by a negative environment?

NYSW’s plant lies 3,500 feet  above sea level on top of VLY mountain, neighboring Hunter Mountain where the sky is clear for miles with no pollution.

Is NYSW regulated by the government?

DOH (Dept. of Health) is stringent on bottling in New York and over sees all bottling productions. NYSW plant is also controlled by DOP, where New York City gets 3 billion gallons of water a day.

How does NYSW match up against the imported waters?

Imported waters are no match.  There is no need for imported water, when the best water on earth is right here.  Especially when importing leaves a negative carbon three time the water consumed.

What are the Minerals in Aqua 84?

For a complete list, click here

What is the Shelf life of NYSW?

NYSW  “Best By’ date is two years.

Where can I buy NYSW?

If there are no stores near you that carry NYSW, you can order on line and we will delivered to you.

Can I become a Distributor?

If you are interested in becoming a distributor, click here to complete our distributor form.

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